Rod Deflection in Casting

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Rod Design by Deflection
A Simulation of Casting and corresponding deflection of a rod
This simulation is made for a certain style of casting from pick-up,  false-cast and end at shooting.  All movements were calculated by a program.
Acceleration of Tip Top in Picking up: 4G (G is Gravity Acceleration equivalent)
Acceleration of Tip Top in Backward Cast, Forward Cast, Shooting: artificially set to 4G
Corresponding to the rod movement and acceleration, deflection was calculated. 
The purpose of this simulation is to identify how a rod, which I am planning to make, would deflect in such a casting motion.

Dynamic rod deflection and corresponding Stress Graph (right)
Rod: Paul H. Young's Parabolic #15 with light tip,
8' 3 pieces (converted), WF6 Wt.
casting line length=60 feet .

Note: The moment value and stress value is different from Garrison's math. though the appearance is similar.  So there is no meaning if you want to compare this graph against Garrison's stress curve.  Please refer to the DynaRod on the navigations at left for further informations.
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Rod Deflection in Casting
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