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Notice: This page is to be closed by the end of October 2019.

For the lifetime licensed users of DynaRod v2.96;

License download procedure will remain active for one more year, up to August 2020, works as it is.

A new version of DynaRod V3.3 is available as a free program which works under Windows 7 and up, with free Access Runtime (after 2007), and with Excel (after 2010).

DynaRod was donated to US Rodmakers group on September 2019. The free program is available through the web site dynarod.net

The successor of DynaRod is Chris Carlin of Alaska, USA. He has enough talent to do so.

He is also a rodmaker and famous as Far North Rodsimiths. He becomes the key person to release, consult and communicate on DynaRod as well as contacting to me.

Welcome to DynaRod Download

OLE Automation problem is finally fixed by version 3.

Anybody can download DynaRod from this page and use it for 30 days as a free Trial period.
During this period, you can confirm whether or not DynaRod works on your PC, and if you like it or not.
Please read below and download the package;

Bug report and version history is reported in DynaRod FAQ, please refer to it. For the user of the past version, please migrate to the latest version below.
Product Name
matching PC environment
Windows 2000, Access 2000, Excel 2000
Zip method:via +lhaca
Unzip method:Auto Unzip
Windows XP/SP3, Access 2000, Excel 2000
Windows 7, Access 2000, Excel 2000
Zip method:Windows zip folder
Unzip method:Windows zip folder
Windows XP/SP3, Access 2002 ,Excel 2002
Windows XP/SP3, Access 2003, Excel 2003
Windows Vista, Access runtime 2007, Excel 2003
Access 2007 Runtime can be used instead of purchasing Ms Access. Runtime can be downloaded through Microsoft Download Center with free of charge.
Zip method:Windows zip folder
Unzip method:Windows zip folder
download size
15 MB
(including programs, archive, help and back up files.)
installed disk space
36 MB
(including programs, archive, help and back up files.)

Locale (language) Problem

When DynaRod runs on non-Japanese based PC, there is a case that some button (especially F) does not work. The cause of this seems be "Locale and Language" matter. When a program runs under the different environment from the developed environemnt, Windows may hung up when handling a different Font, or different program libraries. However, if your PC runs Windows XP, Vista or 2000, Windows has an option to run the program under a different "Locale and language". Windows has [Regional and Language option], which enables to make your Office products under another language oriented. When the [Regional and Language option] is set to "Japanese", "even only once", (which is the developed environment), there is a possibility for F button to work normally. DynaRod itself has a capability to display all the pages in both of English/Japanese regardless of these option setting. Please make it a try. For more deatils, please refer to Technical information.

To join DynaRod mailing list, download the DynaRod package at first, then set up your license. After you have the running Dynarod, you can join the mailing list through the button below. Only DynaRod users are possible to join this list.

Click here to join DynaRod Users Group
Click to join DynaRod Mailing List for more information!!

To purchase DynaRod license, please press[Purchase] button in the SetUp.mde process BEFORE your trial license is expired. Web page will navigate you to the payment panel. If you miss it and the trial license is EXPIRED, just send us an email.
  • To run DynaRod, your PC needs to have the matching version of Microsoft Access and Excel installed.

    But after Ms Office 2007, Microsoft started to provide Access Runtime free via Microsoft Download Center. DynaRodxp versin can run with Access 2007 Runtime and Excel 2003-2007 combination.
  • To install DynaRod to a PC which is not online with internet, please contact us via email as a special set up is required. No automatic license installation is prepared for an offline PC.
  • DynaRod cannot run before applying a required license by running SetUp.mde, which is packaged in the download. Free trial license can also be downloaded via this program. You can also purchase the license within this SetUp.mde process BEFORE the trial license is expired.
  • Please read Technical Information too.


Steps from Download to the usage of DynaRod

The explanation of unzipping here is for Windows 2000 user only. For XP, Vista user, please refer to the explanation of "Unzipping via Windows zip folder" on the "Technical Information " page. The set up process of DynaRod is same other than unzipping.

(Please be tolerant that the Windows screen-shots were made under the PC in Japanese. )

Step 1     Download the package

Pressing [Download] word of above, the following Windows download panel  pops up.

wpeE.jpg (35659 ???)

Press [Save (S)] then, you will get the Windows Save-as panel.

wpeF.jpg (46933 ???)

Select the folder to which you want to save the zip file.  (c:\temp usually?)

wpe10.jpg (42246 ???)

Press [Save (S)] again here, to keep the zip file in the specified folder (c:\temp).

Step 2   Unzipping

The DynaRod package is zipped with Auto Melting option. 
Just click (or double click) will navigate you to the next pop up window to specify the folder under which the zip file is to be unzipped.
Decide and specify the drive or the folder name under which you want to make DynaRod folder.  Then press OK.
The example below shows that you selected the local disk (C:\).

wpe11.jpg (27337 ???)

Step 3    User Registration and Downloading your License

Open DynaRod folder and find SetUp***.mde.   *** is version number.

wpe14.jpg (38606 ???)


You will get the following panel.  Press [Start].

wpeE.jpg (32916 ???)

Next panel is as follows.  BUT DO NOT press OK here yet.
In parallel, another web page is displayed.  You need to process the web page first.

wpeF.jpg (44389 ???)

This is the web page.  Check on [Agree] and press [Send] button.

wpeE.jpg (59318 ???)

The next web page is as follows;

At first, you need to register your name and email address.  Email address is the key to identify you after all.

Here are several buttons at the bottom.

Registe me                   - first user needs to register the name and email address. 
                                        Possible to download after registration.
Download License        - donload the registered license record.
Purchae                        - to buy the fee license via PayPal.  This option enables you to buy and download the fee license continually.
Change Email               -when your Email address changes, press this button to replace your identification.

wpe10.jpg (69064 ???)

After all, you will reach at the following download panel.  Press [Download]here.

wpe11.jpg (44310 ???)

The [Download] button will lead you to Windows download panels.  Press [Save]button on it.

wpe12.jpg (40488 ???)

This is a part of the Windows download yet.  You have to select the DynaRod folder to which your license record is to be stored.
This folder is the one that you made when you unzip the package.  Press [Save(S)]here.

wpe1A.jpg (36223 ???)

Now your license record "License4U.txt" is downloaded into the DynaRod folder.

The operation on the web pages is completed here. 
You may close the last web page, "Registered Information" now.

Step 4    Setting up your license on DynaRod

Now it is the time for you to return to the waiting panel of DynaRod to press OK.

wpeF.jpg (44389 ???)

DynaRod will read the stored License4U.txt record and show it on the panel below.
Pressing [Set Up (S)] button,  your license is processed and set up on DynaRod program.
wpeE.jpg (49851 ???)
The following prompts are shown while processing your license.

wpe14.jpg (9388 ???)

wpe15.jpg (5686 ???)

Now DynaRod is ready for use.  

Click DynaRod***.mde to begin.


(c) Copyright 1998-2006 Max Rod Craft All rights reserved.