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Multi National Language feature of DynaRod:
DynaRod is developed to support multi-national language. So far, Japanese and English are supported.
All the titles, error messages can be switched by pressing one button. This is implemented to introduce DynaRod not only to Japanese users but to all the people in the world. For more detail, look into DynaRod Help in the package.
Match of Windows, Access, and Excel:
  • Access and Excel: These two are recommended to use in the same version number. It is hard to support the combined use of Access 2000 and Excel97. It is ideal to use Ms Office which includes these two. For simplification, we will call Access and Excel as Office.
  • Windows and Office: Under Windows 2000, though Office 2000 works, Office 2002 and Office 2003 may not. Might work but there may be various matters to solve.
  • On Windows XP, Office 2000, Office 2002 and Office 2003 can work.

DB format of Ms Access:

  • Ms Access is suporting three db format now. 97DB format, 2000 DB format and 2002-2003 DB format
  • The correspondence between DB format and Ms Access version are as follows;
Ms Access 2000 Ms Access 2002 Ms Access 2003 Ms Access 2007
2000 DB format
2000 DB format
2002-2003 DB format
2000 DB format
2002-2003 DB format
2000 DB format
2002-2003 DB format
  • DynaRod v2.0 is developed by 2000 DB format. It should work under Ms Access 2000 and higher version of Access.

Unzipping via Windows Zip folder

For the Windows XP, Vista users, DynaRod package is zipped through Windows Zip folder.This works like this. When you click the downloaded zip file, Windows XP or Vista will show you such a folder, where the same name folder is stored within. That is, the nested two folders, both have the same name. When you look into the inner folder, it looks like that the contents seems to be shown in the unzipped (normal) form. Actually this inner folder is all read only.

Since DynaRod updates various components, DynaRod users need to create a normal standalone DynaRod folder outside the "Zipped folder".


You can copy or drug the inner "unzipped folder", and save it outside of the "unzipped folder", such as under "my document". If SetUp is executed within the zipped folder, it may result in endless error messages.
To escape out of the error loop, press [Ctrl] and [Delete (break)] together. As a prompt is popped up, press End (E). This will stop the error loop. Then, close the screen via [X] mark.

The truth of Stress Curve
The truth of Stress Curve No.2
Introducing DynaRod
Rod Deflection in Casting
Rod Action
Line Weight
Designing the Rod Angle

Changing System Local

When running DynaRod under non-Japanese based Windows, users may need to change the system locale into "Japanese". To set the system locale, open [control panel] and click [Regional and Language option] to show the control box below. Then change the language to "Japanese". You may need to reboot the PC after this. After using DynaRod, you may need to reset this to your own language again.

There is a report from one user in north Europe that he can run DynaRod without setting system locale to "Japanese" after setting the system locale to "Japanese" once or twice. It seems that some language setting might be installed and remain within the PC by the initial setting of the system locale into "Japanese".

The match of dll version between the developer and the user:

  • There are a group of programs, called dll (Dynamic link library) which are referenced at execution time directly.
  • These programs have been released by Microsoft from time to time. You must know of this by the name of "windows security update".
  • If all these update have not been reflected correctly, your pc might lack some update or stay in old version. There are some of dll's which must be installed by the initiation of the users, not by auto update.
  • The version of these dll between the developer's pc and the user's pc, if different to each other, some unexpected error will be resulted with error message.
  • The most important dll's are MSJET40.dll and MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Component).
  • There is a very useful free software to check the versions of these dll's, downloat it and confirm your dll versions.
  • The dll versions of the developer's PC are shown below;
  • Often we see such error messages like below when there are unmatched version of dll:
Error 5 Invalid procedure call.
Error in evaluating on click event. Error occurred while Access is comunicating with ActiveX or OLE server.
The dll versions when developed/packaged DynaRod ( 2000DB format):
wpe2.jpg (25605 バイト)
The dll versions when developed/packaged DynaRodXP2 (2000DB format), DynaRodxp ( 2002-2003DB format) These are included in Windows XP SP3.:
wpe2.jpg (25605 バイト)
download site of "MDAC Version Checker":
dll download site of Microsoft:
  • MDAC SP 2.8
  • MSJET40 SP 8;en;829558
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