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What's new?
The center of bamboo rod crafting and fly fishing.  Integrated by Jerry Foster.  
Shenandoah Rods
The leading rod maker in the U.S. and my friend, Chris Bogart. This site is the treasure warehouse of rod making
Marbles' Outlet Store
The shop of Jim Bureau, my best friend.  Gorgeous knives and axes!!

Do you know that Jim is the guy who visited Winston's factory with his just married wife Jan on honey moon when the author of "Bamboo Rod workmen of America" also visited there to interview?   Their meeting is written in the book and I heard it from Jim, eventually. (The book is only sold in Japanese.)
Introducing DynaRod
Rod Deflection in Casting
Rod Action
Wooden Planing Form
Rough Planing Form
Bamboo Canoe
My Silk Fly Line
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